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Dressing for success and great images on social media platforms will always enhance your professional image tenfold. With 3 seconds to make that all important first impression, when walking into a office, boardroom, classrooms, networking events, we now have to ensure our online images also deliver tremendous impact immediately. professional guidance and care should not be underestimated and these Top Beauty and Makeup tips will see you groomed and professionally ready for those online Skype, conference calls, and Live presentations. 
Every aspect of your image should be a reflection of your business, and the Company you represent, start with minimal makeup application, this will give you more confidence and competent skills especially for photographic and media images. Try using professional makeup brands to emphasise your natural features, enhance further with  softening colour choices and cosmetic textures that will enhance your skin tone.  Warm powders and creamy textured cosmetics will flatter if you are in harsh office lighting, bringing attention to your complexion, and eyes.


Our skin will immediately benefit from a daily refreshing dose of cleansers, fragranced facial mists, exfoliators and nourishing moisturizers should be used on a regular basis to deliver a healthy youthful glow. Always use the best products for your budget I would highly recommend a detox to your skincare regime, smooth away dry skin, blemishes and premature ageing by returning to the professionals for advice. For the best results your skincare routine should be one of your most important beauty considerations, seek a recommended facial specialist to determine your skin type, and skin condition. Many of the cosmetic houses and therapists offer this service and sometimes will include a free skin consultation check out your local department stores and salons. With so many wonderful brands available you will need to research to make an informed choice. 

The rule of cleanse, hydrate and repair still remains an important route to retain a healthy looking skin. Remove all traces of makeup every evening and ensure your skin receives any additional vitamins, repair, nourishment and sun protection. Using the correct moisturizer will assist in keeping the fine lines of dehydration to a minimum. Remember the additional use of a sun protector with a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) will give your skin great protection from further UV damage which is detrimental to all complexions.
Maybe now is the time to update your skincare routine to ensure great results when applying makeup, you are your business do it justice with the best Cosmetics for you.


The look and shape of your face can alter drastically, when on camera, so with defined and perfectly arched brows enhance your features, creating a lift to the eye area. Once your brows are defined, shaped and groomed by a brow specialist, keep the shape maintained by removing any stray hairs with tweezers. To create a great shape, start at the middle of your brow with brow pencils, powders or waxes and aim to fill in the arch. 
To achieve great images for social media, it is important that the brows are matching, groomed and defined by a professional, who may choose to achieve your shape by performing colour matched tinting, threading, waxing and tweezing.
Your makeup application will also require less preparation time when getting ready for that important meeting. Use light natural strokes that resemble real hairs, when trying to achieve a natural brow, the use of a tinted brow gel will hold the hairs and give a 3D colour effect. 
There are many brow serums that have had extensive rave reviews, which can be so flattering for those who have thin, or sparse brow hair. Tinting your brows delivers intense colour and lasts up to 4 weeks, fantastic treatment for those who travel and do not have time for the salon.


This is a must beauty secret to open the eyes and create the illusion of fuller, longer healthy lashes, especially for those who have not joined the army of women who love lash extensions. Keep the bright coloured mascaras for your days at home but black brown and dark navy can greatly accentuate the eyes. I wish that all mascaras added, thickness and volume, with exceptional water resistance and conditioning formula's, but they don't so establish your favourite look for your lashes and make this a beauty must have. The availability and choice is outstanding, choose a brand that doesn't get clumpy, and leave the raccoon eyes to the novices by adding a thin layer of primer to the base of the eyes and the lids, this will cut down on creasing and smudging. The shape of the wand delivers that all important blast of intense colour to those lashes, and is important in your ability to rotate or wiggle the wand, practise and find the best technique.

Do not to pump the mascara as you will allow air and bacteria into the opening of the mascara and possibly contaminate the product. Once you have completed your lash application let them dry, and for a much fuller look apply another layer to MAXIMISE the effect..


Have fun selecting the best blusher for your skin type and face shape, contour carefully using powder, stick or even cream blushers, that are so easy to use. Look for naturally flattering corals, soft rose toned palette, or for ladies of colour brown and copper shades look amazing. Shimmers are great for creating those stunning cheek bones, with an illusion of natural highlight just above the bone to add shine especially with bronzers. A pop of blush on the apple of the cheeks will add immediate warmth to your skin tone, swirl the brush causing the pigment to give a great payoff (shine and density) 
Avoid harsh reds, electric bright pinks which under office lighting, can have the opposite of your desired look and offer on camera a overused and painted doll look!  Use a fan brush to create an even and smooth application, keep your blush directly within your eye line using celebrity makeup artist tricks. 
Layering is the best trick, find the perfect shade for your business functions, tap the brush before application to take off the excess powder and slow light sweeping action will deliver the best results.


Gentle exfoliation of the lips will ensure that the lipstick application is always smooth, always use sun protection in this area as the lips have the thinnest skin and can easily burn. Lip balms and lip oils will condition and repair dry chapped skin. Choose a shade that will compliment your natural makeup look without being too harsh or overtly sexy on camera. Keeping the focus simple, remember lip liner is not always needed, however to enhance the cupids bow with precision start in the centre of your lips with a sharpened lip pencil and work out to the corner blending with a clean lip brush, blend, then blot lipstick this will ensure a longer lasting finish, then blot again.

I trust you have fun creating a new online makeup image and learnt a few tips, but if you would like more information, I provide personal makeup shopping assistance, makeup lessons for media and special occasions. Book TODAY for Makeup Masterclass Lesson and learn to apply your makeup like a PRO!

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HOW TO Find The Best Nude Lipstick

The best nude lip colour is not to hard to find, select a beautiful shade of nude that suits your complexion and skin tone this will flatter any eye makeup and allow your natural beauty to shine naturally. Your lip shape, colour and texture should bring out the subtle eye makeup and a nourishing lip product will deliver a kissably soft lip with classic beauty and radiant style.

Go neutral and stay ahead of the game when your are at an early morning breakfast meeting or add a enhanced shimmer gloss for high drama later in the evening, pair this with the all important super sexy smokey eye for the best looks.

Go neutral with your lipstick and stay ahead of the game at an early morning breakfast meeting or add a more enhanced shimmer gloss for high drama later in the evening, pair this with the all important super sexy smokey eye.

Look for a colour that matches your lip shade and match with a darker hue of liner and smudge to blend this will define leaving a hint of rose, brown or orange shade to accentuate the fullness of the lip.

Even though a nude lip is easy to apply choosing the best nude for your is the tricky part, so throwaway the rule book and create the best nude for you. Lip colour's can often be mis-leading in the container and it can be difficult to choose your perfect shade from an online swatch. Always look for a tone that matches your inner lip and not the back of your hand.

Model Claire @divasanddudeshairboutique

The best time to try a nude lip is when you are totally makeup-free so ensure that you choose the correct tone for your skin. A pinky taupe or a neutral rose shade will suit most skin tones and complexions.

Have fun choosing your perfect nude lipstick share your looks Subscribe like or comment on your best nude lipstick combinations. 

Lash Love with Lash Perfect

Express Lash Treatment

Looking for great lashes that look natural, then Lash Perfect Express has the answer. This is the popular lash extension treatment that can offer a subtle or natural style, which can also be built up to provide glamorous, volume lashes in just 30 minutes. This means that you can transform your eyelashes in a moments notice and still have time to spare.

Your technician will apply individual synthetic mink lashes across your lash line, creating a flattering look. You will be guided through choosing from our variety of lash lengths and curls to find the best look for you. After your session, your beautiful lashes will last up to two weeks. These lashes are perfect for special occasions, brides, prom, festivals and parties!
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Millennial PINK BEAUTY

How much do you love the many hues of pink? From the palest blush rose to the subtle shade of sweet pink bridal chiffon. I love the cool unisex Fuchsia pink that was seen slinking across the catwalks around the globe and into our local hair salons. From unicorn chic, with simple cool beige's and vibrant hot pinks by many Couture designers  including Marc Jacobs on his 2018 Fashion Week catwalk. 

Victoria Beckham wonderful Ready to Wear 2018  Girl Power Spring collections that  featured hot pinks with classic feminine structured suits and tailored trousers. Valentino Couture shone at the collections with outstanding blush makeup, by International  Makeup Artist Pat McGrath donned the runway with nude pink glossy lips, with an ombre effect, iridescent soft pastels, bathed with colour swatches of baby pink on the eyes and cheeks.

Take a look at these millennial pink beauties ready for all of you who desire and love this regal shade..

Jo Malone

Peony and Blush Suede Cologne created by natural oils, seeped in long lasting scents that you can combine, play and explore your own beautiful statement fragrance with Jo Malone signature blends, adapted  with essences of Peonies in full bloom.

Beauty Blender

The best makeup applicator sponge that is soft, applies product smoothly, flawlessly great to use after blending with a brush for excess foundation. Simple soft and easy to use, damp squeeze and apply your product to receive the best results, can be used to apply primer, foundation, cream blusher. Beauty Blender makeup tool comes in several shapes sizes for the different facial contours.

You have to experience this refreshing, comforting and re-hydrating toner that is alcohol free. loved by women everywhere, this is great for slightly more mature skin types. This Tonique Confort by Lancome will complete your daily cleansing routine. The skin instantly benefits from the delicate accents of Acacia honey housed in a  200ml or 400ml sized product that will last for ever. as only a small amount is needed to gently cleanse and balance any impurities on the skin surface.

Daniel Sandler

Hot timeless shade that will make your blush simply perfect, this Liquid Water Colour Blush in Acid is the 'Lust Have' 2018 shade. Using an exclusive lightweight and water resistant formula, glides on seamlessly leaving a pop of colour wherever you need it. 
This beautiful blusher and lip stain is always in my makeup kit, giving my clients that Hollywood glamour, check out my review for a new beauty blog for Sky TV programme with Host Daina Dahlia 'worldshappiestnewsanchors'.
A beauty product for all skin tones and complexions .

Benefits of Spa Therapies

It's such a wonderful  experience that everyone should find a great Beauty Spa thatcomes highly recommended. The Spa menu should have detailed explanation of all  the listed treatments,  experienced staff should be available to answer any questions y may have about your chosen therapy or service.  Most salons or Spa's will now ask you to fill in a Customer service form, including a section to complete a medical disclosure for any prescribed medicines or homeopathic remedies, recent beauty treatments or list if any surgeries or procedures have taken place.

The most common Beauty and Spa treatments are facials with relaxing body massages, closely followed by luxury hot towel manicures and  hard skin deep cleansing pedicures.  The list of facials available is amazing with variations on hard skin removal, vitamin infused, detoxifying, serum and plant based including aesthetic facials which are deeper cleansing, toning and sculpting of your face, using electrical impulses and laser lights to regenerate skin cells and target problem areas. If you opt for a massage or a body scrub treatment, this will gently exfoliate and soften the skin on your whole body, and may include a stress busting head massage...sheer bliss! 

Ensure that you stay hydrated before and after your treatments to enhance the benefits with of your relaxation and detoxifying treatments. Spa signature treatments or rituals are usually much more expensive, and tend to be longer and more luxurious with specialist services with a highly experienced therapist or specialist. 

What are the benefits of Spa Therapies? 
The benefits of Beauty and Spa therapies begin with the total relaxation and slowing down, to remove our thoughts body and mind from family and work. Massage and deep thought allows the body to re-generate and repair including the improvement and energised blood circulation that supports our immune system. With the additional stimulation of the lymphatic system, the body is able to rid itself of detrimental toxins, therefore releasing “feel good” hormones and enzymes.

 The Physical benefits will include touch therapy massage and pressure relaxation, both of which can aid in the relief of chronic pain including, neck back and shoulder tension, and support the facial muscles in toning and softening sluggish and tired features, replenishing lost moisture with radiant glowing healthy skin.
Overall the Spa and Beauty therapies are a great investment, the ambiance, music and service all come together and can deliver one of the most enjoyable services to unwind. If you choose to Spa alone with a partner or great friends, its a fantastic way to recharge your batteries and boost your mental agility and self confidence.


How To Be Your own Professional Make-up Artist

Cheryl Huggins Makeup Artist and Beauty Specialist has been fortunate during her Career to work alongside with accomplished and leading musicians, models, fashion stylists,photographers, designers and Cosmetic houses.
Her passion for Fashion and Beauty, and natural love of helping people to look and feel their most beautiful, interest in Art & Design (which began many years ago at the London College of Fashion) 
This is her driving inspiration and motivation to continue growing her unique style and brand delivering glamorous beauty to everyone.

Cheryl is continuing her Beauty journey by bringing innovation and endless possibilities to each client and student with her exclusive 'Makeup Masterclass' using celebrity artist brands.

Daniel Sandler

Why not start your 2018 with a personalized appointment with Cheryl Huggins and attend her workshops and classes. Welcoming all levels, skills, ages and interests this one to one or group class will leave you confident about your application skills. 
Learn the skills needed to create a stunning flawless beauty makeovers, techniques with a range of products suitable for any event, and easily transferable to all skin tones. You can choose to use your own personal beauty and makeup or use the professional makeup kit available.

Cheryl starts the lesson with a mini skin consultation, then delivers the secrets to fabulous make-up artist techniques that will guide you to choose the best products and apply a makeup look just for you. During this easy to follow step by step lesson, you will learn new tips and tricks leave the salon with a bespoke makeup regime, that is unbiased and based on products tailored to your beauty needs.

If you are getting married abroad or for any brides thinking about doing their own make-up, you will learn how to create a look the best glamorous version of yourself. 

Classes will start registration in March 2018, with availability of Workshops, or Bridal Events. With a Teaching certification previous Cheryl Huggins Masterclass attendees have remarked how much they learnt, by high-lighting their inner beauty with newly acquired skills.

Register and subscribe with your email below to receive your Personal Newsletter with class venues and exclusive course details.

'I look forward to seeing you and to deliver your best glamorous beauty'
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