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2018 Tried and Tested NARS Natural radiance foundation

"Express yourself makeup should fit who you are"

NARS Natural Radiance Foundation After launching a range of fashion lipsticks in 1994, this iconic makeup artist photographer, and creative visionary artist pushed every boundary to bring high fashion makeup styles to the Beauty Industry. This is the powerhouse's first 16-hour foundation that provides full coverage, with a smooth natural look. The foundation infused with nourishing raspberry, apple and watermelon extracts to help smooth texture and improve the look of your skin instantly with a velvet feel to the texture. From Vienna, Aruba, Barcelona, Caracus, and my colour tested favorite Caledonia.. 
A flawless finish that was so comfortable to wear and lasted all day 

Cheryl Huggins MUA London 

NARS Natural Radiance Longwear Foundation
 NARS Natural Radiance Longwear Foundation Swatches

Exclusive Makeup range now available at Selfridges London

The Must Have Facial Beauty Tool for 2018

Nurse Jamie is the makeup guru that the celebrity the A-List ladies admire and 'go to' for her outstanding expertise, and recognition as one of the top beauty professionals world wide.
 As seen on the Kardashian's, and an army of fans including Huda Beauty Mona Kattan, this facial beauty tool has swept the globe. 

Nurse Jamie's range of exceptional products deliver her 20 years of Industry experience, from her innovative skin care and game-changing beauty gadgets, that work collectively to stimulate cell health and help diminish depth of lines, so you can look your beautiful best.

This facial treatment brings her expertise from Hollywood directly to your home, after reading and hearing so much about this facial item I made a visit to the luxury store Harrods in London. I watched in awe as the therapist demonstrated the beauty tool on several women and was amazed at how easy it was to use, and the almost immediate smoothness it gave to my skin, with visible instant results!

As a Spa director in luxury locations like Abu Dhabi, and Cabo San Lucas, she is now recognized as a global brand, and her luxurious skincare products and expertise are now available throughout the world.

This is my favourite beauty product for 2018 thank you Nurse Jamie 

Cheryl xoxo

Bridal and Wedding Makeup Services

"The absolute best makeup artist I've ever had! Look no further Cheryl goes above and beyond what you would expect.."


Cheryl,­ I­ just wanted to take ­the time to say a hug­e THANK YOU for every­thing you did prior t­o and on the day of t­he wedding... Our meeting before ha­nd you took the time ­to go through colours­, styles and differen­t options for the bri­desmaids, my mum and ­I, nothing was too mu­ch trouble and you re­ally set our minds at­ ease! On the day you arrive­d ahead of schedule s­etting up, and keepin­g everyone including ­myself very calm!! My­ bridesmaids looked a­bsolutely stunning, a­nd everyone was comme­nting on their eyes a­ll day, you created b­eautifully subtle smo­key eyes to complemen­t the grey and yellow­ theme.

For my makeup­ I had some false las­hes with a gold/brown­ theme to the eyes, f­inished off with some­ winged mascara. I ab­solutely loved it and­ felt beautiful. For ­my mum you adapted th­e makeup to suit her ­needs, and listened t­o what she did and di­d not want, she was u­tterly thrilled with ­her natural look, you­ are a very talented ­lady!!! Your attention to det­ail, kindness and jus­t calm presence made ­the morning of the we­dding one of my favor­ite parts of the wedd­ing day! You went abo­ve and beyond what an­yone asked of you and­ I really cant thank ­you enough for being ­quite frankly AMAZING­! I would not dream of ­getting my makeup don­e by anyone else ever­ again! All my fond regards t­o you

Mrs Becci Warburton­

Makeup and Beauty Concierge services on Demand

Makeup and Beauty concierge luxury services will be available in London, and Kent for 2018. 
Join the list of women who have this advanced beauty specialist on speed dial, you will not be disappointed. 

Created for women, stay at home mothers, busy executives, and those who love pampering Spa quality services. You can now relax with the knowledge that an experienced artist with excellent make-up techniques, stress buster back massages, natural nail care and relaxing beauty service, is now available to your home. A professional therapist who has worked and created a loyal following in Central London and Kent. 

An excellent skincare specialist delivering great therapies, makeup application and skincare solutions to you, at home or chosen location, including salon setting for bridal beauty appointments or Red Carpet events. 

This highly trained therapist will bring a bed, fresh towels, aroma quality oils and even relaxing music to recreate the spa setting in your home for your or your special friends.

Fabulously addictive, and thoroughly relaxing why not book regular sessions to enjoy your VIP Beauty Rewards!

Cheryl Huggins signature facial and makeup application is an indulgent beauty experience
that will launch in February 2018.

For full details and treatment menu please send your contact details:

New Year New Lashes with ESQIDO

New Year New Lashes and a New You, update your look with one of my favourite luxury Lash brands last year. I was spending a fortune, and tired of strip lashes not lasting, tearing and constantly having to make several purchases. Why not invest in Luxury Lashes or spoil yourself with a new look for those special occasions at the start of a wonderful 2018. 

When working professionally as a makeup artist I always have to invest in many pairs of fabulous falsies for every occasion for my clients, brides and Red Carpet events. Once I found these beautiful reusable lashes I was in Heaven. They are easy to restore after use, and can be used up to 20 times, my clients always love them! Amazingly light to wear, and suitable for most eye shapes, they are surprisingly super soft to touch and have a flexible cotton band that makes the lash extra comfortable, this added feature also makes the application of applying lash adhesive so much easier. 

New Year New Lashes with ESQIDO

The BFF lash is for those lash lovers who desire a more natural looking lash, or newbies to the brand, signature lashes Miss Dolly, and Voila create a more dramatic soft volume look to the eye. ESQIDO signature lashes are so light in weight, and can add a wispy yet natural statement to the eye and look fabulous with winged smokey eyeliners (especially on the corners of the eye) 

For my favourite go to drama lash, take a look at Illumina and the dynamic Black Magic for fuller fluffy party lash, the positioning of the lash hairs with its subtle a criss-cross lash cluster effect create a full sexy eye, just perfect for those great impromptu Red Carpet events.

I would love to introduce you to these stunning sexy eye opening lash styles, shop, have fun and try this great range of lashes, that many celebrities love.

On the link below you can claim your discounted offer to try these FAB lashes
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Like or comment below and please don't forget to collect your discount coupon>>

I would love to see your photos, wearing your ESQIDO flirty Luxury lashes on my social media. 

Have a safe and Happy New Year 

Love Cheryl xx

Best Beauty Spring Resolutions for 2018

With the New Year nearly upon us, try not to put pressure on yourself with too many New Year resolutions, lets hit the ground running, with these simple changes to your daily lifestyle, for increased beauty, radiance, and spiritual energy. 

Get on board with me to begin your New Year New You ... and begin see the amazing benefits that will occur immediately with a few tips for your personal Beauty and Health Mantra for 2018.
I will be here to answer any Beauty and Makeup questions and will be working alongside to support and guide you to accomplish the best that you can be. 
Using my experience as a qualified Beauty Specialist and Makeup Artist I promise to deliver great posts and information to keep you on track to be your 'Beautiful Best' 

Why Wait Let's start Now.... 

Banish Dirty and damaged makeup Brushes and expired products
Reduce the numbers of germs in your makeup tools, stop using beauty products past those regulatory expiration dates, they can do so much damage to your FAB skin and eye area. So let's ditch those old skincare and beauty items and begin to replace them with great quality products, including newly researched cosmetic brands that are able to deliver great results for your budget.

Start 2018 by cleaning, everything, dusty jars, cracked makeup lids, wash, wipe or replace your makeup bag, and don't forget storage areas, they can also hide a multitude of bacteria, dirt, dust and build up of makeup product, which can be transferred onto your skin. There are numerous cosmetic brands that have wonderful brush cleansers that are easy to use or follow my simple brush care post for a fab routine on how best to cleanse those makeup tools.

Drink more water
The simplest way to ensure a healthy diet is to increase your water intake, delivering fresh nutrients to your blood system, filtering all unwanted waste to the correct areas of the body for exfoliation, and excretion. The hydrating properties of water provide great benefits for skin, hair and nails. The additional benefits of drinking more water experts agree, is a more hydrated and replenished body system, aids with weight-loss, replenishment of vital nutrients. 
Fashion and Beauty trends are predicting that naturally beautiful Skin is in for 2018, so no more picking or squeezing of blemishes, or sleeping in makeup look after skin, hair and nails, treat them professionally with a great skincare line, have regular at home or salon facials, manicures and above all cut out or down on sugary drinks add lemons, cucumbers or fruit to increase the flavour.

Go Natural 
Whilst it is fantastic to use hair spritz, curling irons, foundation, lash extensions, its also great to give the skin, and your body a break and go 'Au Natural' on weekends. Heated products can dry and scorch the hair, and constant use of makeup, without correct removal can result in blocked pores, dead skin build up and aging moisture loss or dehydration. Why not try a weekend nourishing detox mask and replace the lost moisture with additional serums, hair and face masks, scrubs and vitamin packed products to replenish and repair any damage, promote healthy skin and hair.

Healthy Wealthy and wise 
Add few extra hours sleep, on weekends or on your day off, even a power nap alleviates tension and pressure. This additional support to your system could result in a huge boost your mental productivity and begin to remove any dark circles and begin to eliminate some aspects of lethargy and tiredness. Include taking supplements or vitamins to increase brain and health functions, book regular times for exercise and relaxation. Ditch the junk and choose healthier options by creating your own health drinks and more nutritious meals. Choose great makeup and skincare regimes and vow never to sleep in your makeup again. Replace your lost Zen and boost energy levels by placing these small steps on a daily basis in your life.

Update your makeup and beauty skills
With the Beauty and Makeup Industry growing daily, for work and business images, we see the increasing need to look and feel Fabulous. Why not indulge in a professional makeup classes online or with a fun group of friends and take your makeup application to new levels. Current fashion trends change on a regular basis especially with influences of Fashion Week, in the UK and Internationally, look at your Social media beauty and makeup images, could you make an impact with dynamic colors, fuller natural lashes, warmer and defined skin shades. Amazing courses and classes are delivered online, in stores or one to one, learn to contour, hi-light and shade. Always wanted to try the sexy smokey eye, learn to apply to suit your eye shape, skin tone. Are my brows defining and enhancing my face shape? Take a closer look at the beauty and skincare trends and new technologies, and grow with the times to be your beautiful best.
Try new products and brands to increase your glow...radiance and keep those New Year resolutions at the forefront of your Beauty and Health List for 2018.

Lash Perfect Express Lashes for fuller more natural lash extensions.

Lets start 2018 with a great beauty regime, a healthy lifestyle and fall in love with ourselves to be the best that we can be.

Cheryl Xx

Fenty Beauty #MATTEMOISELLE Launches today!

"Makeup is there for you to have fun with. It should never feel like pressure. It should never feel like a uniform. Feel free to take chances, and take risks, and dare to do something new or different.Rihanna 

Fenty Beauty launches her amazing selection of stunning lip colors for women of every skin tone. Encased in a sleek slim line package, the plush lipsticks deliver high color pigments that glide seamlessly, onto the skin with a velvet matte finish.



The color intense lipstick is also long wearing, great for parties, dinner dates, family celebrations, and that awesome business meeting! Fenty Beauty has set the bar high, with this 2017 makeupline to ensure whatever your occasion, gender, skin tone or age you will look fantastic wearing Ma Dam, Midnight Wasabi, Ya Dig, One of the Boyz. The stunning color spectrum includes leafy dark green, sultry lilac and sky blue all simply beautiful...

Fenty Beauty is now available at Sephora, Harvey Nichols or online on the link below :

Take a look at the Fenty Beauty Lipstick Swatches so creatively delivered by the talented You tube sensation Alissa Ashley and you decide which color choice is best suited for you.

I'm off to do my online Fenty Beauty order 

Have a great Boxing day Beautiful People 

Cheryl Xx

© Cheryl Huggins

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